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Why doesn't it run when I double-click it?

FEIDIAN is written in PHP. The advantages to this are that I could actually write it, it can be run on pretty near any platform, and it doesn't require complicated knowledge of C/C++ to compile or modify it. It does, however, mean you'll need to install PHP. If you're using Linux or FreeBSD, you should be able to figure out how to do that, otherwise you have no business running Linux or FreeBSD.
For the Windows users, head over to http://www.php.net/ and download the Windows Installer. Run it. When it finishes, right click My Computer and pick "Properties." Select the Advanced tab and click the Environment Variables button. Edit your path to add wherever you installed PHP. That's it.
To run the script on Windows, type "php feidian.php." For Linux or FreeBSD users, just CHMOD it to 755.

Why don't you build an EXE version with PriadoBlender?

The blender has this odd quirk with scripts that include other files -- namely it doesn't work. You can try it yourself, but if you compile FEIDIAN with the PriadoBlender and runt he resulting EXE, it will crash.

What's this command string thing? Why isn't there a GUI? How the hell do I use this?

There isn't a GUI because there doesn't need to be a GUI. This is a command line tool. As such, it works using a command string. To complete any operation, FEIDIAN needs four fields: the command, the command string, the input and the output.
For details on commands and syntax, read COMMANDS.TXT.
Depending on your operation, the command string can vary. For normal ripping or injecting, it is "tile_width,tile_height,colums,rows,offset." If you're using a custom tile definition, width and height aren't needed and should be replaced by the definition name. For example, if you want the definition in "dl.php," use "dl,columns,rows,offset" as your string.

I noticed you have a load of sample strings and tile definitions, can I send you mine?

Yes, if you use FEIDIAN to dump any fonts, or if you add any tile definitions, send them in! In fact, you can just type it in on the form and click ok. It will be added to the page immediatly.

Can FEIDIAN make toast?

Unfortunately, no. I am still having problems making PHP interface with lib_reality.so.0.

Why the name FEIDIAN?

Originally it was named SARS, because I'm just that insensitive. However, Byuu pointed out that SARS was the name of our WIP SNES ROM tool (SNES Automated ROM Spider) and bitched at me for using it. So I went with the next best thing, the Chinese name of SARS. Besides, the acronym was more descriptive!

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